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16/05/14 04:30:19

With the amazing range of Kristen Bjorn models, there surely should be a commercial link - up with underwear companies? Koala include very erotic and racey cock suits in their range.They might be willing to design some things for KB, and that could be the story line.Being "measured up" could also be "a casting couch" theme. Your models move very well in front of your camera and are probably fashion models already.

Name: Drew
Answer num: 1
17/05/14 05:46:08

I'm open to any kind of publicity possible. The ¨cock suit¨ company you mention doesn't appear to be a clothing designer, but a fetish membership website. 

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
17/05/14 14:34:09

Koala does design creative underwear that is flattering to the lean male body .Their catalogue can be googled. The fetish side of their operation advertises sample videos of male models putting on their gear. I do not know anything more about their website video operations, nor would want to... because Kristen Bjorn Productions are far more imaginative and suit my particular tastes.

Name: Drew