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Double rimming
10/08/14 03:31:42

Male Tales scene 4 is the best performance that I have yet seen of sexual acrobatics. Shawn Willcox has to be in the top league of your models, Kristen. I hope that you will consider him for further work. He obviously enjoyed the double rimming session. Any viewer would want to join in !

Name: andra
Answer num: 1
11/08/14 07:38:03

Shawn Wilcox is a real stud muffin!

Name: Robert
Answer num: 3
11/08/14 14:08:14

Tell me more. Other than Diego Lauzan, he is the most sensuous man ever  on Kristen Bjorn

Name: Andra
Answer num: 4
13/08/14 06:23:31

I'm glad you enjoyed the scene! MALE TALES was actually filmed over 10 years ago, and Shawn retired from porn not long after.

I have heard from Shawn recently; he is well, and living with his partner in Dubai.

Name: KB