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music commissioned by Kristen bjorn
19/09/14 04:02:59

The music chosen for the Kristen Bjorn-directed films has the Classical Hall Mark of "Master Class", and, of course, showcases highlights of the most amazing vibrant sexual orchestration imaginable,by you,as a tutor and mentor to some of the greatest Male Porn Stars of our time. Have you, Kristen, ever considered producing a CD of music from your top videos ? Some tracks for the bedroom, and others for hotting up the atmosphere for clubbers;The mix to Include Some urgent cries of male satisfaction,(which must be your copyright), could make it really original music ,and, possibly, properly realised, a number one chart spinner, enjoyable by everybody that it is of a highly sensual disposition... A good title might be "Bjorn Naked". The CD cover and accompanying booklet must be as creative as the contents,so be the subject of a competition. Perhaps this unique production could,ultimately be in "A Master class", commercially, of it`s own.

Name: andra
Answer num: 1
20/09/14 09:16:47

That would be a good idea!

Name: Jeff
Answer num: 2
20/09/14 09:19:02

Thanks for your comments about our original sound tracks. We actually did release three CDs called SENSUAL SELECTIONS 1, 2, AND 3 years ago. Unfortunately they didn't sell well, and we stopped producing them.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 3
18/10/14 06:18:09

Kristen, do you have copies of CDs 1,2 & 3 still for sale ?

Name: andra