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20/11/14 11:22:16

Casting couch 264 (Raul Enguidanos and Felipe):- Felipe has the best designed chest tattoo that i have ever seen,yet He does not appear in the Kristen Bjorn list of models, which is surprising, because he does have real sex appeal, and clearly knows how to enjoy his body. Hopefully, he will be available for more filming. He fulfills the complete image of a Porn Star.

Name: andra
Answer num: 1
21/11/14 15:00:29

Casting Couch #264 was shot several years ago. We do the casting shoots in order to see if new models are able to perform well in front of the camera. In spite of his great tattoo, Felipe had erection problems, which is why he didn't go on to make any other videos. 

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
21/11/14 18:45:23

wow, I like the answer

Name: Alejandro
Answer num: 3
22/11/14 13:58:56

Casting shoots are a great way to go through The Male Kama Sutra and make the camera lens steam up....again and again. Nevertheless,the sexual chemistry has to be present and constant at all time for obvious reasons. Felipe has had his moment of fame, it seems; but it is a shame, kristen ,that he drew the short straw on this occasion; but although he had a great tattoo,I can now see why the body language let him down. He was so near, yet so far...I too, like the answer !

Name: Andra