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christian hertzog
19/12/14 03:46:03

I do not think that a stud has yet been found that can do complete ramming justice to this truly sensual porn star in all the departments that he is very good at. While Marco Rubbi is recovering, are there any exciting plans afoot at Christian Bjorn,for christian, as he would very easily play the role of a rough diamond, as well as a smooth operator !

Name: andra
Answer num: 1
19/12/14 07:21:46

Christian really is a hot cake!

Name: John
Answer num: 2
20/12/14 16:32:53

Christian Herzog certainly is a very hot stud! He is also a an excellent performer, and a pleasure to work with.

Because it sometimes takes a while for scenes to be released, perhaps it isn't clear to member yet, but since the beginning of 2014, we have started shooting only condom free. This is a decision that was made in order to stay competetive in the market. When I last spoke to Christian about working condomless, he wasn't interested. Maybe I should ask him again.

This is interesting opportunity to ask you members; what do you think of the condomless trend?

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 3
21/12/14 04:21:28

The condomless trend displays the greatly inflated penis, whether or not it is in action.Perhaps the performers can make a point by removing the condom when rimming activity finishes...I personally think that Shaved pubic hair is always preferable. The question that you should now ask christian Herzog is whether he would like to display his rosebud to the world. Vigorous fisting gets over the condomless problem, but as usual with Kristen bjorn, this can be done with imagination and in style !

Name: Andra
Answer num: 4
21/12/14 06:22:45

After watching condomless porn, it's hard to go back to watching porn with condoms again. It's so much sexier without!

Name: John
Answer num: 5
21/12/14 15:37:24

I prefer models to use condoms. I Don't really understand the desire for barebacking. Safety first for me!

Name: Mcchaz
Answer num: 6
14/01/15 07:14:10

Safety first, i say; however, with those consenting male porn stars, the long, hard, throbbing naked penis , is what Men were born for :- to give, and to take !

Name: Andra