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Augustino figueroa
21/12/14 03:29:58

Hello, I think augustino is smoking hot. Are you going to feature him again? I would particularly like to see him bottom again. If it's a condom issue aren't you able to shoot the odd scene with condoms for the models who are uncomfortable with bareback? Thanks!

Name: Mcchaz
Answer num: 1
21/12/14 17:06:06

I would like to work with Augusto again, but he decided not to make any more videos long before we started shooting condomless.

I would consider shooting particularly hot guys with condoms if that were an issue. The models are mainly concerned with what people will think them if they perform bareback. But it seems to have become less of an issue now that nearly everyone is doing it.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
22/12/14 16:27:03

Thanks for your message. It's refreshing to hear honest responses for a change.

Name: Mcchaz