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Jafar Cake & Ferero Rocher
25/12/14 06:37:32

"Raw adventures", featuring two obelisks, would have appealed to Michaelangelo.This is a masterly use of sculptural space; ultimate simplicity, culminating with a sweet filling..

Name: andra.
Answer num: 1
26/12/14 04:55:10

Thank you for your praise. Strongboli (the director of that video) does indeed have a great eye, as well as an interest in creating something different as well as sexy.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
26/12/14 08:33:08

I could easily now imagine a swimming bath flanked by a number of these obelisks with your porn stars going through the various positions of The Male Kama Sutra, with Stromboli and you as tutors in the fine art of male love making....

Name: andra.
Answer num: 3
26/12/14 09:22:08

Perhaps Stomboli could fly flags from the top of each obelisk denoting the principal countries from where kristen ~Bjorn recruits.

Name: Andra