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marco rubi
16/01/15 12:06:58

Kristen, do you have a health update on Marco? Can we hope to see him again soon ? Best wishes to him anyway.

Name: andra
Answer num: 1
17/01/15 16:30:57

I haven't heard from Marco in quite a while. But I have seen some photos of him taken at out and about at clubs. My guess is that Marco has recovered from his surgery, but has lost interest, at least for now, in making films. But I could be wrong.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
28/01/15 06:30:31

For goodness sake Kristen, tell Marco that he is one of the most sensuous Men on Earth. Thank you for giving him his space, but Marco has much to give yet to the Erotic World of kristen Byorn. Why not create a Fan Club in your Forum for this man ? Your forum is the place where connoisseurs give you their opinions. Clearly,you want this to be a proactive part of your website, and i do understand that you cannot favour one star above another, but in one sense, you do do this with your updates.....

Name: andra.