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maikel cash
19/01/15 11:45:46

Has the star Maikel Cash that has filmed with Kristen Bjorn, been reinvented by Lucas Entertainment as "Joey Pele" ?

Name: andra
Answer num: 1
19/01/15 16:02:28

No. There is a slight resemblance, but Joey Pele is a completely different person.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
20/01/15 13:18:25

Thanks for your prompt reply, kristen. If the opportunity ever arose, would you consider teaming up Joey Pele with Maikel Cash ? The story line might be quite interesting, particularly as they have a slight resemblance; which you, no doubt could accentuate, maybe, as "Long Lost Brothers", who become very attracted towards one another !

Name: Andra
Answer num: 3
20/01/15 17:06:26

If you were to put them side by side, you would see quite a difference between them. Maikel is much taller, and larger than Joey. And as they are both tops, I'm not sure where this incest would lead.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 4
21/01/15 12:38:09

They could become "Blood Brothers" like The Romanies, and have an understanding to "share" any conquest that either of them might make... It could make an interesting series, kristen. Maikel and Joey have such a male sexual presence at all times; such varying expressions, and they convey what appear to be their true feelings, in that they understand the difference between Love and mechanical sex.They have got the necessary passion in their eyes, but there is always the excitement of an underlying ruthlessness, and raw determination in their loins.. I think that their "liaison" could be a good one, as in my time , I have been, and still am "A Blood Brother".The arrangement works for All Sexual Orientations ! My suggested path might lead you somewhere completely different, and very very interesting. It could be set in Eastern Europe, with a definite Hungarian interest' like "The Vampire of Budapest", which i think will always be regarded as a very masterful production. The real vampire lived in a castle, somewhere in the country, and he could emerge again among The Romanies, who would be his keepers of the Legend.It would be a real combination of interesting and smoldering Sex Secrets.....

Name: Andra