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Carnival in Spain
31/01/15 04:21:10

Realize you live in Spain now so how about Carnival in Spain featuring the Pamplona Bull Run and the winners all 4 young jocks get together to have sex.First scene will be blow jobs where the guys ejaculate hands free on each other lips and then get their cock further sucked post orgasm.Then the guys proceed to have sex where they cum again just like Carnival in Rio.Your models in Carnival in Spain have to be young say between the ages of 20-29,with boyish innocent looks yet very horny.You can also feature a scene of bull fight arena and then sex with team of torero ,the winners getting their dick sucked by the losers ,after the winners cumming the next round will be sex where another round of cum would be ejaculated etc,etc and all filmed in high definition.

Name: Novisguy2
Answer num: 1
01/02/15 08:17:17

The Pamplona bull run actually has nothing to do with Carnival. I see you like festival themed films... Have you seen BONE ISLAND and PRIDE 1&2?

For many years I've wanted to make a bullfighter themed film. But getting a real bullriing as a location for a gay porn film isn't possible, even in Spain. Without the proper locations, props, wardrobe, etc, a film of this sort runs the risk of coming off as amateurish and unconvincing. And unfortunately, the days of large buget porn films is over.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
01/02/15 11:55:22

I have seen Bone Island and pride 1 and 2 ,honestly most models in Pride were not my type.I like models like Alex konos etc.Sad to learn that the days of large budget porn films is over.

Name: Novisguy2