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17/04/15 02:23:20

I am very surprised to see that members have seemingly not contributed anything at all , for some time now, to The Forum. This is a shame, considering the effort that Kristen Bjorn and his team put in to making videos that have interesting locations, good mood music, story lines, and men who know how to entertain each others` physical needs, whatever theme that Kristen chooses. He makes everything seem erotically possible for any man that has a super-charged Libido.

For those, whose Love Life he has spiced up, please write something appreciative.

Kristen is, was , and hopefully, always will be, a pioneer in the realms of Male Pornography ; in other words, a sincere "Thank You", is needed.

Name: andra
Answer num: 1
21/04/15 14:26:39

Thanks for the kind words, Andra. The forum isn't designed as a place to praise me; it's a place to talk about the films, ask questions, or make suggestions.

I wish I had more feedback from members so I could gage what they like and don't like.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
25/04/15 17:32:42

Kristen, I have one suggestion and one question :- As you know well, the world has become a bi-curious,gay- companionable  village now, and, it is plain to see that  you constantly  scour  a variety of likely places, internationally, for the sexiest virile  men that you can  find, May I suggest that You are, personally,  in a good position to host, for members of Kristen Bjorn, a  Gay Eurovision- type competition , with countries putting on their own choice of  live sex  show themes :- from harmless  striptease shows  to more rigorous activities.. ; thereby  you get the members voting what  Raunch  that  they like and don`t like.

Not everybody can afford to go to the clubs, but could prefer, say a weekly show that provides sofa  entertainment; not involving cams and mounting  cost of extras.

By the way, when is Marco Rubi going to film with you and Carlos again ?

Name: Andra
Answer num: 3
25/05/15 11:08:34

Andra,i think you mistake members silence as lack of interest in the forum when as an american used to u.s. porn i find the models,locations and filming so exotic i dont usually think of any comments that could make it any better.

Name: william