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Bubble Butts.
16/05/15 05:11:15

Giovanne in Casting Couch#55, with the virile Pedro Andreas, hopefully, will be returning soon to Kristen Bjorn. The accolade given to Marco Rubi still stands, but may be Giovanne can have some more of the Limelight, because he really does have the best Bubble Butt that I have seen for a long time; plus his sultry looks, appealing expressions,  and ability for sexual gymnastics,( with his stocky, but well-toned body), is pretty exciting, as far as this model is concerned. The Spanish-sounding guitar  music also contributed to well-filmed , and highly sensual ambience. A most enjoyable production in every way.

Name: Andra
Answer num: 1
18/05/15 03:54:49

Sorry to break this to you  Andra, but Casting Couch #55 was shot in Argentina back in 2007. This was shortly before the financial crisis started. From that time on, we no longer had the budget to fly in actors from distant parts of the world. The chances of Giovanni appearing in another video are slim to none.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
18/05/15 06:24:20

Thanks for letting me know the situation regarding Giovanni. It is a shame that we will never see him again. He was hot, and seriously sexy.Hopefully, you will find models like him again.

Name: andra
Answer num: 3
18/05/15 07:13:47

If I had my life to live over again, I would sign up with you Kristen. My bubble butt is still often admired, for it is in the same league as Giovanni and Marco. I even had a genuine  offer to have a caste made for it as a garden ornament. My shorts were  suddenly pulled down on so many occasions, that is why I hope that The Forum can take account of my request for raunchy bubble butt videos .There  is nothing quite like a beautiful Bubble butt, I am sure that you will agree. 

Name: andra
Answer num: 4
07/06/15 03:10:28

I would love to meet Sylvain Racine   any tour? is he still an active player in your company.? I saw him only in one movie?

Name: Jose