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Kristen Bjorn : personal videos and photo gallery
17/06/15 07:11:49

Are there any videos of you ,during the early days of your career in the industry ? You chose not to appear with your models, so there is, alas, no photo gallery. I am sure that you were, and are far more exciting than all the other well-known film makers, who have disported themselves....

Name: andra
Answer num: 1
19/06/15 08:47:36

Andrea, I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean I didn't perform with my models, as some porn actors turned producers do? No, I never did that... I've always been the cameraman for my films, not just producer and director. In any case, I've always been more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it.

In the galleries area for members, there are behind the scenes galleries from many, many films. You can see me in quite of few of those photos.

Also, in the MAKIN IT area, there are hundreds of behind the scenes videos from over the years. You can see me behind the camera in many of those videos.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
20/06/15 02:42:36

I suspected that you did not perform with your models, but you obviously have a good accord with them. Thanks for your well-thought through, candid answer; much appreciated.

Your camera skills are similar to those of a great  portrait artist , with the lighting and technical skills that you so obviously have . In this way, you more than erotically  light up your subjects, and give them an individual sex life of their very own, whilst they are in front of your camera lens. Everything comes so naturally in a Kristen Bjorn production. In an area where  offence can be taken, you totally avoid controversial issues, with your creative  honesty towards your Fellow Men, and they way that you inspire what is probably the best possible performance that they could ever give in a studio  ; whoever you choose to pair them with, and let the sparks begin to  fly !! your judgment is always spot on, from your well-spent years of experience.

As you suggest, I will now  browse "Makin It", and "Behind The Scenes", so I will  get even more out of my membership.....

Name: andra