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UNCUT Skins made me so wet!
25/06/15 03:49:59

Hi there, I'm so into your foreskin playing scenes! When I'm watching those tight foreskins are being teased, being retracted and covered again and again by hands or mouths, and tongue tips running into foreskins. I must let myself release because I can't control myself. I must say you're a genius Kristen! And I wish there's more foreskin playing works because I want it SOOOOO BAD! :) Best Regards.

Name: Philippe
Answer num: 1
25/06/15 06:39:53

Thanks Phillippe. Personally, I find uncut cocks more erotic, since they have something extra to play with.

Did you know that long foreskins can be inflated like a balloon? The effect is more comical than erotic, so I have never done it in a film. But it's a little known foreskin fact.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
26/06/15 07:22:11

Agree! "Erotic" is the right word! But I think if you turn it into the inflation movements well that would be droll! lol Hope you could put more foreskin teasing scenes and even make it longer, I saw the models in galleries with a hard cock but foreskin fully covered, I must say that was so HOT, did you intentionally let them hooded? In the movies scenes, did them enjoy the foreskin parties? I love foreskins so much but I really don't know why... lol

Name: Philippe
Answer num: 3
27/06/15 06:12:02

I think there is more of a foreskin fetish in countries where most men are cut. In countries where circumcision is rarely done, they don't seem to erotisize it much. Foreskin play isn't something that they are used to, and if they do it in my films it, it's normally upon my request.

During photo shoots, I often ask models to pull their foreskins forward; they tend to pull them back.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 4
27/06/15 15:04:35

Good, that's why I called you a genius! You know how to turn guys on whom like me. Love you!

Name: Philippe
Answer num: 5
02/07/15 19:50:12

My favorite scenes are the ones where the guy are walking, sometimes to a room, with erect penises,I love watching those hard dicks moving as the men walk naked.

Name: kameghaya
Answer num: 6
05/07/15 04:25:46

Me too buddy, quite sensual and erotic!

Name: Philippe
Answer num: 7
12/07/15 16:24:48

There is something to be said for

There is, however, a good case to be made for circumcision. it allowed me to have a big bell, and the bold  outline does look very  inviting.... Kristen is right, however, to point out to Philippe, the exciting prospect of  foreplay pleasures for those uncut men, who look so much better with their erotic  foreskins pulled down as far as possible for photographic purposes. But.. who needs a penis pump, when it is possible for a long foreskin to be inflated like a balloon ? what a" Balloon Ride" that must be.....Do you have to be in "The mile High Club" to experience this sensation ? 

Name: Andra
Answer num: 8
21/01/17 03:09:35

I think there should be more "Docking" scenes. This is one of my favourite thing's to do with a man.

Name: Brad