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High Resolution Images?
02/07/15 02:56:47

Finally I joined your site. I really love your videos and hoped to find some high resolution photos of some of my favourite models.

But most of the galleries only offer very small images.

Some of the latest galleries offer at least 1280x1920 sized images but I still wonder where to find those really high resolution images.

On websites like themenofgayporn I found images of Casting Couch #313 sized 3456 × 5184, but here on the same image is only 853x1280.

So did I miss something? I really hope I did.

Name: Dorian
Answer num: 1
05/07/15 07:44:39

I will ask our IT about your question and get back to you.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
09/07/15 09:11:20

Dorian, this is what our webmaster said about your comment:

What you are asking is a high resolution for use in printing. We provide super-high resolution images to affiliates like menofporn because some of them print the images in magazines. For web viewing, such resolution isn't normally used or needed.

In the member's area, we provide images for web use, and you are the first person to comment about this.

Thank you for your comment, we will start uploading higher resolution images from now on. However they are optimised for 99% of our users which see the images on web. They need to load quickly.

However if you are interested in a particular photo for printing, please contact:

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 3
10/07/15 06:22:24

Thanks a lot for Your reply Kristen.

I am one of those oldfashioned admires and collectors of artful male pornstar pin ups. A well done picture of a beautiful naked man posing, actually is timeless art for me and often it's 100 times more erotic than just watching a video.

Many other big sites (like Falcon, Hothouse, Ragingstallion...) offer pictures sized 1280x1920 which is a pretty nice imagesize and quality.

Your site offers an amazing amount of breathtaking beautiful men and Your photogalleries are very well done. I really love the solo and groupshootings in Your older galleries where the models actually pose for the camera. Unfortunately these shootings became pretty rare but You already explained the reasons in another thread. But still Your site is full of masterpieces of male nude pin up photography and it kind of hurts sometimes to see these artful, aesthetic photographs in such a low quality.

That's why I'm very glad to hear that You are planning to start uploading higher resolution images from now on. Maybe You could just offer a seperate high resolution download in the members area for each of your galleries, including the older ones as well. But I am not a website designer and maybe this is just too much work.

Since the amount of amazing pin up photographs you did through the years, is just so huge I better won't bother Your support team with all my requests. There are 100s of photographs I would like to download but the low quality stops me from doing so.

Anyway the majority of people doesn't seem to care that much about image galleries and I am just part of a minority. That's why I totally understand and accept the fact that many of Your galleries probably never will be available in high resolution.

But Thank You once again for your friendly reply and please keep up the excellent work.

Yours faithfully Dorian

Name: Dorian