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The sex's sound
02/11/09 03:25:49

HI Kristen/ Antonio, I would like to sugest for the next production we can have on DVD menu the option of music backgroun off  - other studios already have this option, or just it doesn't have music background- because sometimes that music background is annoying, and we barelly can hear "the sound of sex"!! And in my opnion: image is 50% and sound is the other 50%!! It's so HOT when we can hear clearly the model's grunts and whyspers ( and not that annoying music or dubbing).

Thanks, Kristen, and we are waiting your next great and even hotter production!!

Name: Jorge
Answer num: 1
03/11/09 08:38:01

Hi Jorge:

Thanks for your question.  The music that is composed for us is done so that it is a background to the film and is not meant to take away from any of the action.  We do everything to make sure that all the sex sounds are audible and enjoyable to you.  We also encourage all the models to speak in their native language.  Interestingly some of the models feel that sex talk should only be in English.  This comes from what they have seen from the past.  For a long time the U.S. was their only source of pornography and this is all they know. 

There is also a problem that we have to deal with when filming and that is natural sounds and noises.  You never know when an airplane will pass over head, police/ambulance sirens, too much wind, animals, etc.  A lot of these noises are dealt with the music.

We will take your advice into consideration.  I agree with you also, I am very verbal and like to hear my partners as well.  Does anyone like silent sex?


Name: Antonio Armani
Answer num: 2
19/05/12 02:24:18

that's right natural. Manly hot sounds body slappin balls smacking. More swetting very wet bodies don't dry them off. Please

Name: poncho
Answer num: 3
06/07/13 05:36:48


I love the background music in your videos.  I am especially thinking about the music

you used in the opening three-way of Carnaval in Rio.  It's slow and dark beat is very

appealing and greatly adds to the erotic intensity of the scene.

The models' moans of ecstasy can certainly be heard over the music.

Name: Mark