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05/07/15 03:14:44

Hello Kristen. I have been a fan of yours since Day 1, but I must say I am disappointed by the number of models who have tattoos and appear in your films. Your guys are so handsome and have the best bodies in the business, so it's particularly painful for me to see so many of them covered in ink. it's like someone has put graffiti on Michelangelo's "David." I think it's a sacrilege. When a model is blessed with good looks, great skin and big muscles, I find tattoos utterly distracting from the perfection of the musculature. I'm aware a lot of guys like them, but I've never gotten into them and am, frankly, turned off by them. Are we ever going to see a day when you go back to using models with fewer/no tattoos? And one more thing ... I miss the old days of four or five cumshots per model per scene. My guess is it's too expensive to keep the models around for several days in order to accomplish that goal. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Name: Peter E.
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06/07/15 03:42:49

It's not so much a question of not using models with tattoos as it is the sheer numbers of young men getting tattooed these days. It has become a trend (which I also consider unfortunate) to have large tattoos all placed all over the body. I have always worked with some models who sported a few smaller tattoos, but I have never seen so many covered in tattoos like circus performers. Would you believe that I have actually rejected numerous models because of their over abundance of tattoos? Trends change, and maybe the tattooed man look will also go out of style.

As for the multiple cum shots per scene, your guess is correct. Due mainly to internet piracy, our income has dropped by 90% since 2008. This has happened accross the entire gay porn industry. Unfortunately, we can no longer afford to spend mutiple days to shoot each scene like we used to.

Name: Kristen