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Viktor Rom
11/07/15 04:33:09

Can Viktor Rom make further appearances Kristen ? He has Magnetism, coupled with a very  powerful Fucking Style.--- There are few Porn stars that can come twice in a video, and give the obvious pleasure that he undoubtedly does. He is truly a Kristen Byorn  Winner, with a very enviable physique....

Name: andra
Answer num: 1
12/07/15 06:29:46

Viktor is that good, that the remote viewer can almost feel the effect of his thrusts....What value for money is the Kristen Bjorn Website !

His boundless  Sexual Energy is raw, and I would say, unique.. In Truth, this Man is a "Show Stopper"...

Name: andra
Answer num: 2
13/07/15 06:41:25

Viktor has already shot numerous scenes which haven't been posted yet, and I plan to continue working with him in future scenes too. So, you can look forward to seeing plenty of Viktor on this site!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 3
14/07/15 04:00:01

Kristen,I am so glad that we are "singing from the same song sheet" concerning  Viktor. He has so much to give ; and , as an actor, he certainly does use his eyes to inflame the passion of any partner allotted to him.

Who would not be extremely  turned on by his South American "Vocals", which seem to be a speciality of men from that part of the world !!!!!

I look forward to Viktor  going through the complete "Male Kama Sutra"  ! I am sure that he will be encouraged to master all these incredible techniques, even more, now that he has a work programme with Kristen Bjorn !

With your Directorship, Kristen, I think that he has a great future, using those powerful muscles to great effect....

Name: Andra
Answer num: 4
14/07/15 04:55:21

Indeed, Latin Americans are very vocal about sex! While Spaniards tend to wispser sex talk, English speakers seem to have have a limited two word vocabulary of ¨Yeah, fuck!¨, and Germans are apparently incapable of sex talk in their own language at all, I've noticed  that South Americans (mainly from triopical aeas) NEVER have a lack of vocal expression about about sex! They can go on and on in expressing their enthusiasm without reapted themselves. I don't know why that is, but it really is noticeable.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 5
14/07/15 11:31:58

Viktor Rom is my new favorite. So glad to know that more scenes will be released soon.

Name: James
Answer num: 6
22/07/15 12:04:21

Thank you for answer number four, Kristen. Sex talk should accompany all the male Kama Sutra positions, and the more imaginative it is, that  more pleasure will ensue..... It is just something that you cannot be reserved about !

Name: andra
Answer num: 7
03/08/15 04:21:18

in answer #4 YOU SAID IT!!!! here in san diego we watch american porn with 0 volume.when your work comes on screen headsets are needed so as not to wake the neighbors

Name: william