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13/07/15 03:56:46

As a regular contributor to The Forum, it was good to see the recent  exchanges between Philippe and Kristen, regarding foreskins. No doubt, Kristen has filmed many a male Rosebud

in his time, and perhaps he can be invited to mention other models, but what he once  said about the privilege of being invited to enter Marco Rubi, I found really erotic. There is nothing like seeing thick white  sperm glistening on a vamping rosebud, then, that same sperm being pushed backwards and forwards, until the felching session commences.. There has to be a successor to the super-sexed Polish Christian Hertzog, who led the way. Perhaps another man from that part of the world, namely new comer Cody Banx could become the latest protégé in this department. There was only a brief glimpse of his Rosebud, but he has a good one.

This is an important part of a man`s sex life, and should not be neglected by film makers, so let us see more of Rosebud Nirvanah, Kristen Bjorn-Style !

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13/07/15 06:58:33

Thanks, Andra. It's interesting that you use the word  ¨rosebud¨. In Spain, the word ¨capullo¨means rosebud, but it's also the slang word for for the cock head (an can also be used an an insult). Obviously the resemblance wouldn't be there is it weren't for the foreskin.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
14/07/15 03:29:03

Thanks ,Kristen. It is good to hear "alternative" words that can have a double meaning , when used in the right erotic  context. I am sure that you will like another warmed  foreskin word to add to your collection ! "The Rosebud" can also be referred to as "The Wee Man in The Boat"...and the one that is most descriptive for the occasion when  the foreskin pulled right down, (in your prescribed manner) ; whilst moving around, (very  suggestively) , is "Kari Waggle"...

Perhaps other readers of "The Forum" will now spring to life with some more  powerful-sounding words. Being "Capullo`d" ,does, tend to imply plenty of  Frantic Male  Sex !

Name: andra
Answer num: 3
15/08/15 14:46:23

until i started watching your movies Kristen I didnt really find foreskins appealing, but watching those perfect brazilian cocks and seeing the skin slide back to reveal perfectly shaped heads has totally changed my mind.

I actually prefer a nice long sheath so I can really get my tongue inside and explore his juicey head.

Ive been watching your movies since I was in my 20 and you totally depict sex between gorgeous exactly how it should be.  Totally sensual and erotic. 

I was straight but have succumed to the overwhelming desire for hot sex with men.  Ive actually learnt so muich about gay sex from your vids and have emulated the style in parts of my sex life.

So back to the subject of rosebuds. The more the better. 

Name: Aussie Undercover