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carlos caballero
26/07/15 04:38:39

I have only  just come across videos of Carlos Caballero; and I must say that I was very impressed. Here is a man that completely understands the Male Anatomy, and he has "The Tender Touch", as well as probably the most attractive and  natural facial expressions that I have yet to come across on The Kristen Bjorn Website. Little wonder, the,  that his name appears now , on the technical side of the industry, on some productions; because he clearly has great feeling for subtle , erotic action, so can constantly  inspire The Models to give the best of themselves, and, thereby, get some most  spectacular results.

I must add that he looks so  good, sporting a cock ring; which make his big  balls look a pretty sight.... More men should be encouraged to wear them,  for reasons of the  stunning effects that they achieve..

Pubic haircuts are excellent on this particular website, but , when wearing a cock ring, it should be mandatory to be clean-shaven down there.. .After all said and done, It is part of being A Rigorous Male; and Carlos, for sure, is one of this  much- admired, and  "Magnificent  Breed"....

Name: Andra
Answer num: 1
26/07/15 12:30:41

Carlos started working for me as a model in 2004, and made several Kristen Bjorn films, as well as films for other studios. By 2008, Carlos started working as production assistant, as well as second cameraman in most KB videos. He is also the director of many Casting Couch videos.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
28/07/15 02:28:46

Thanks for this welcome  information Kristen. My congratulations to Carlos, he  has got an excellent Curricula Vitae. Clearly, you appreciate his professionalism,( as do I. ) It is logical that you deploy a second camera man. Come to think about it,( somewhat wickedly), I am not surprised however, because a single camera man cannot get to "all places" at once; and with all the very  hot action that goes on; that splendid " male adrenalin" that you always like to feature, has to be filmed from every possible intimate angle !!

Teamwork, in the best sense of the word.

Name: Andra