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noticable trends
19/08/15 06:28:39

I have seen an evolution in your work, and don't know if it is deliberate due to changing demands of your fans. here it goes, i see more smoking, more tattoos, more body hair, less trimming of public area, etc. The smoking i thought is a bit out of style in state side, but might not be in Europe. the care of your framing, lighting and atmosphere is all the same tho. One thing i note is that I saw one fisting scene. Did you try it and get negative feedback? I personally am not into it, but was surprised that it showed up in your portfolio.

Name: a fan
Answer num: 1
24/08/15 07:56:46

There are changes in fashion which ocurr over time. Large tattoos , facial hair, and body hair are now fashionable, and I don't have much control over them. Personally, I'd rather see less tattoos... But it's increasingly harder to find models who don't have them. Actually, I have even rejected several models because exessive tattooing.

In Europe people do smoke more than in the States, and many of the models do smoke cigarettes. I have used the ¨got a light?¨ routine as a way to have models meet in a few scenes, but I don't think that I have ever had them smoking during sex. Personally, I don't find smoking sexy. But is it a turn off to see guys meet over a light? This is the first time anyone has mentioned it, I'd like to hear the member's feedback about it.

We actually have two fisting / pissing scenes in the member's area. One is Casting Couch 232, and the other is Reality Porn #6. These scenes were both directed by Strongboli, who is far more kinky than I am. And in these scenes, these particular models wanted to do that. Personally, I'm not turned on by fisting, and I would rather stick to directing the type of sex I understand best. I haven't received any feedback about those two scenes until now. They got fairly high ratings from members, though.

There are different kinds of gay porn; like hard sex (S&M, bondage, fisting, etc), twink porn (no definition needed here), and the type of sex I try to make; pleasurable, consensual sex between attractive, well built, masculine men. From what I have seen, these different types of porn appeal to completely different audiences, with little crossover. If I'm wrong about this, I certainly would like to hear member's feedback on this matter. 

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
25/08/15 19:55:03

there is certainly crossover, but what i like from your work is relatively consistency. that is masculine handsome men, beautiful bodies, decent sizable uncut dicks of men making passionate sex. whatever comes with it, young, old, ethnicity, hair, non-hair, leather, uniform, smoking, are all icing on the cake to me.

Name: a fan
Answer num: 3
01/09/15 16:12:19

I think that Kristen is doing the right thing by rejecting models with too many tattoos. Many a  desirable   Bubble Butt has been wrecked by bad designs.(Dragons excluded). The best place for something classy, is at  the base of the spine, or a small mascot on the groin. I am not averse, either, to tattoos replacing pubic hair, as the uncut penis looks so much  better, and a lot larger, without "A Bush", which regrettably seems to be the present fashion. I remember, and fully appreciated , Carlos Caballero turning out a good pubic haircut. The Kristen Bjorn models looked so smart after his efforts. Men should shave their balls , as often as they attend to  their faces !

Name: Andra
Answer num: 4
19/09/15 08:04:54

although smoking has become taboo here in the states (ex smoker myself)it is not at all a turnoff in film. Andra,i usually agree with you but not when it comes to hair. Trimming or shaving the balls,great but men everywhere else LET IT GROW!!!! Masculine not femnine

Name: william