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No more casting couch?
17/09/15 06:00:04

i have not seen any new scenes from this in a while. any particular reason?

Name: a fan
Answer num: 1
19/09/15 16:16:30

The reason for the casting videos was basically to see if new models could perform in front of a camara before hiring them to do a multi day film scene shoot in some remote location. Because of the near demise of DVD sales, we no longer have the budget to film each scene over 3 to 5 days each like we used to. We now shoot each scene in about 6 or 7 hours. I should mention that many website studios that shoot a scene in less tan an hour... And it's noticeable in the quality.

So, now there isn't much difference between the way the castings are shot, and the way the web series scenes are shot. Strongboli and Carlos Caballero still do castings with new models, but these days when Carlos shoots a casting in Barcelona, I usually go as well, since we both live in that city. We can tell from the start if the guys have erection problems. And if they have no problems, we shoot it as a web series scene intead of a casting. I direct, and we then shoot with two cameras instead of one, and we shoot longer. Many castings turn into web series scenes this way. Since Strongboli lives and usually shoots in Madrid, he doesn't really have that option of having a second cameraman help him turn a casting video into a web series scene. As a consequence, most of the castings are now shot by him, and we have less of them to post than we did before.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
23/09/15 14:57:13

These new web series are really proving to be a good arrangement, and certainly  generate that sexual-adranalin -assured Kristen Bjorn Production Integrity that fights off The Competition. Logistically-speaking, I do think that Nouvelle-  kinky-type Castings are still  very  necessary to arrange, with Stromboli at the helm in Madrid.  This manouevre certainly means that no  outstanding new Male Talent, that one single camera can even yet espy, in this specialist department, simply Slips through The Net; and therefore goes to second-rate studeos in indecent haste.....I agree ; the less than one hour results certainly show this... It is like unceremoniously leading a man around a Bull Ring  by his cock;  ( cut, or uncut )  !!!!

Name: Andra