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double dicked
01/10/15 06:25:06

Hi Kristen. You said in an earlier posting that one needs a certain type of dick for double penetration to work. Just curious, what type of dick? Is it a lot of more prep work involved that a single dick? I tried it and man it was painful. Your guys do it like ice cream.

Name: a fan
Answer num: 1
03/10/15 12:00:11

Did you try it as a top or as a bottom?

In order to do a DP sucessfully, the bottom has to have a very elastic ass. And the tops need to have very straight cocks; they can't be curved.

In order to film a double penetration there is also another requirement; the tops have to have long, and very hard cocks; otherwise, we don't get to see the action.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
19/10/15 22:46:29

Kristen, Thank you for the extra work that you put into filming the DP scenes. Love seeing those very talented bottoms please two men at once

Name: dp
Answer num: 3
19/06/16 18:43:20

Thanks so much for the DP scenes!!!! Love them. Your bottoms are truly inspiration and the tops look like they enjoy the challenge of a DP

Name: larry