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Marco Rubbi
15/11/15 08:37:49

I see that a bearded Marco has now returned to filming. Is there any likelihood that he will return to Kristen Bjorn, where I think that he made his best films ? He certainly  made a name for himself with your studios and highly professional direction. I think that with his undoubted charisma, he could  continue to be one of the most exciting-ever actors in the industry. Perhaps he no longer wants to perform exclusively for one studio, but it would be a shame to see him associated with sub-standard themes and story lines.

Name: andra
Answer num: 1
15/11/15 10:56:02

Marco never was an exclusive of anyone, although he did his first, and last shoots with us. I understand that Marco is now living in Barcelona. I wrote to him a week ago via e-mail and to his tweeter account asking him to shoot with us again... But he hasn't answered yet.

I don't know what is happening with him.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
17/11/15 13:22:23

Let us hope that he does contact you Kristen. I am just as keen to see him again, as you are to work with him. Thanks for your reply. Let us know if he does accept your offer. I gather that Carlos Caballero is based in Barcelona, so you have a very able production associate, who really could do justice to him, maybe by Marco agreeing to be  involved in an imaginative , yet highly-erotic series, which he is more than capable of delivering....

Name: andra
Answer num: 3
19/11/15 06:15:15

the marco in Kristen films do not look like the marco now, unfortunately. the sweet, innocent, lean muscular look is no longer there.

Name: a fan
Answer num: 4
22/11/15 03:30:58

I did fear that I might receive this kind of Fan News Update, regarding Marco, because i did see a recent picture of him with a beard, looking rather morose and gaunt... Clearly his back operation has meantime  taken away "the sweet, innocent, muscular look" I think that the humour in his eyes, when he was working with Kristen, was part of his unforgetable Italian Male Magic, along with the way that he showed his body to the world. The words, alloted, in his Actor`s description, on The Kristen Bjorn Website, will remain as the greatest compliment to this very interesting and independant young man. If he reads the comments in "The Forum", he will soon  realise, that his  Fans would appreciate him returning to work with Kristen, as soon as possible. If this were to be so, once again. it could be good..... All is not lost . Doubtless, he can reinvent himself, and I do not think that he will descend into tawdriness.
It remains for me to wish Marco the best of Luck, with the surety of a healthy, wealthy, and happy 2016.

Name: Andra
Answer num: 5
23/11/15 07:51:58

Unfortunately Marco hasn't written back to me. And it's a sure thing that he won't read the posts in this forum, as his membership to expired long ago.

For those who want to see him again in our films, I encourage you to tweet him and tell him so; that might do the trick. His tweeter account is: Marco Rubi_XXX

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 6
23/11/15 08:03:46

Sorry, I meant Twitter!

Name: Kristen