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Showcasing The Male Rosebud
27/12/15 04:30:48

To achieve an anal climax, in tandem with a very powerful ejaculation, is one of the joys of an active man`s sex life. If the second sphincter  muscle is also successfully stimulated, whilst in the process of achieving "full throttle", without doubt, the Male Rosebud will make an exciting debut, and play it`s very important part. I am not talking dildos or fisting here, but in passing, I must make mention of how your hyper - erotic model Christian Herzog introduced me to the existence of this enviable organ, which should be in every man`s "Arsenal" ..A  Bottom, who is able to spray his partner`s throbbing cock with multiple- juices  , is indeed a discovery !"The  Hot Poker, looks at its best when totally devoid of pubic hair, so the camera man can film it going right up to the hilt, and hitting the pubic bone.... "Bushes" and "Rosebuds" do not mix well ! Good strong tongue muscles, for the purpose of rimming thoroughly, do help things along. "The Bottom" will also enjoy anus, balls and cock being played like" A Wind Instrument, with the tongue acting as a reed. Think Sexy !! There should be some peremptory dialogue, also, with strict orders to "push out".. Stromboli`s filming of Cody Banx  , with his real life partner,",   brought out the best in him", as did the virile mind-blowing "Ramming" ramming by Viktor Rom. More of this kind of action action please, in 2016. I would like to see what Carlos Caballero could film ,

with this kind of emphasis....

My comments are, sincerely meant to be constructive, and not merely  meant to be "A Forum Cock Teaser"...

Kristen, whose Rosebud will I see next ?

Name: andra
Answer num: 1
28/12/15 06:43:08

Andra, I know what you are talking about. But not all men's asses are so elastic so that the second sphincter turns inside out, or have the ability to stay open, like Cody Banx or Christian Herzog, even if they are told to push out. But certainly it is very exciting to see. Certainly, you will see more of this kind of action in upcoming scenes.

I really do like to hear what it is that our members like to see. Please, more imput, guys!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
28/12/15 15:51:01

Thanks for your reply Kristen. I am really  pleased to hear that you share my kind of excitement.

II totally agree with you that it is highly important to keep the ass elastic. I keep a glass dildo in the fridge, so that I can open up at the drop of a hat...It makes the second sphincter turn inside out, immediately. Perhaps this disclosure will result in some much-needed comments

in the Forum....

Name: andra