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Architectural scenes in Kristen Bjorn
28/12/15 03:56:18

The locations chosen for the films are a hallmark of The Kristen Bjorn Website. I enjoy them immensely, as well as the choice of music. They are tremendous "Mood Setters".

Name: Andra
Answer num: 1
31/12/15 04:15:03

Thank you. I wonder if you are talking about videos in our Movie Scenes section, or some other part of the membership area.

Because of much complaining from viewers, we started eliminating most music from the newer films and videos.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
02/01/16 14:32:11

It was the Movie Scene section Scenarios and especially-chosen  Music that attracted me most. People have different tastes in music, admittedly, and I suppose that you must bow to market forces, but the music, combined with the introductory scenes, should, nevertheless be retained, as they really capture the erotic imagination, and set the mood for the action that is about to ensue. .I do think, however, that you got it completely right, and "Mind Travel", is "A Must", when it comes to anything worthwhile, and erotic.

Name: Andra
Answer num: 3
07/01/16 13:25:15

Andra, that's exactly what I'm doing these days; I only use music during the story, up until the guys start having sex. It's just to add a bit of mood to the scenes. Hopefully, this will be a satifactory compromise for those who hate music tracks in porn. Let me know what you guys think!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 4
19/08/16 12:07:30

Who cares! I always turn the sound off on pornvids anyway, not to avoid nice music, but the silly superfluous grunting most pornmakers edit in afterwards. I'm more interested in commenting on the subject of this thread, architecture. It's just utterly amazing that KB finds such uniquely interesting locations for his scenes. Whereas most pornvids look like they were filmed in some cheap apartment in WestHollywood, I love seeing the old stone mansions with lush landscaping and characteristic furnishings you always notice behind the men. It just adds a rich visual tapestry that enhances the fucking in the foreground, and it's just one more of Kristen's talents, how he manages to find these places then convince their owners to allow in a bunch of naked sex-crazed studs and their cameramen. Real men real sex real estate ! LOL

Name: tritonpsh