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casting couch challenge
29/12/15 03:45:11

There is one position from the Male Kama Sutra that is  sometimes filmed, but all-too briefly, whereby" The Bottom" grips his legs around the waist of "The Top", and thereby allows himself to be "impaled"..... It really is the deepest one can go, and requires a lot of practice, but for any model that is agile, eager and able, this can be "The Ultimate" in Sexual Excitement. Any one that owns up to regularly using a Butt Plug, would not find this a problem.

So, Kristen, who will be adventurous ? surely there are some of your models that would eagerly "rise to this challenge" ! !

Name: andra
Answer num: 1
31/12/15 04:29:38

Andra, is this position performed standing, laying down, or seated? I'm not totally sure which position you are referring to. Have you seen it on this site?

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
02/01/16 15:06:52

The position is performed, with The Top" standing. full upright, with the Bottom`s arms initially around his neck. The Top can guide the Bottom up his torso, either with fingers up the arse, or clenched around bubble butt cheeks for support. Prior to impalement, The Bottom`s Bottom can be turned around, thus  pulled up to the level of the chin of The Top,  with legs over the top of the shoulders, for support, so thereby, some highly-pleasurable  rimming can safely, albeit briefly, proceed ; and the bottom can, at the same time suck The Top`s Penis. It does require some strength and dexterity. I can attest to that ! After that, it is time to switch back so that Impalement can take place, One can, after a time,  rapidly  switch to "The Wheelbarrow Position, where The Bottom is then hand- standing, in a forward position , with hands on the ground, and then can be "drawn on" to The Top`s Penis, just  like a glove..Again, the Top is standing. The Bottom has to be nimble, as have been  my more slightly- built gymnastically-fit Lovers over the years. I have not explored all of your site, as yet, and so far, have not seen anything that would match my personal sensualist preferences, that you could refer to.

Now that you have" Chapter, Verse and Index" from  me,Kristen. Hopefully, you could film a story of  something highly-exciting. I trust that " Vous  Comprenez"..

Name: Andra
Answer num: 3
02/01/16 19:41:50

Dear Kristen.
I am an older gay man, I am retired from my profession, I am single and without a stable relationship. I'm a big fan of porn and we consider you a true artist of gay porn. I can spend hours watching guys fucking beautiful.
Although my primary sexual activity is masturbation, I usually masturbate every day; I continue to have, occasionally, sex with male escorts.
Years ago I had sex with these guys and is very healthy. Let me take this forum to tell the men my age, or even older, renounce not enjoy sex and be with kids in bed. They should be ashamed, because they are normal relations between adults. I recomiento all men as I have served more than 60 years to go on the street, go to venues such as saunas and gay remaining guys to fuck. Fucking it is nice, healthy, cheerful and makes us want to live. No one should give up living and living is maintaining an active sex life.

Name: supergay
Answer num: 4
05/01/16 14:40:52

It is good to hear from men like Supergay. This is precisely what The Forum is all about, and being broad-minded....Hopefully, more men will now write in concerning their experiences.

Name: andra
Answer num: 5
06/01/16 16:59:52

Thank you very much, Andra, for your words.
The porn film is very funny and wise, I see erotic films every day and is also very funny masturbate and good for physical and mental health for gay men, but my message is very clear: despite our age should not resign to have sex with other men. Male escorts is a good choice, there are serious and professional guys that meet our needs and fantasies. I'm sure many people like me, who come into this forum, also used to pay for escorts and sex. We pay for good service life because no sex. This is my view and I understand that there are people who do not agree with me, but I think is best. Thank you.

Name: supergay
Answer num: 6
07/01/16 13:14:29

Andra, check out casting couch 180 and 186. Is this the position?

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 7
07/01/16 13:19:59

Supergay, it's a known fact that men need to have sexual release in order to keep their prostates healthy; as well as their mental well being. Whatever kind of sexual reléase it is; masturbation, or sex with others, it's important not to stop. Orgasms will keep you young and happy! You are giving us all an important lession, Supergay!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 8
26/01/16 06:12:45

Supergay, instead of going to the gym, I daily" exercise", with a refrigerated glass dildo, deep in my second sphincter muscle, when watching Kristen Bjorn Videos. I must say that most of the presentations, make me squirm a lot , and I receive multi-anal climaxes, by so doing... When the action gets really hot, I bite a ten inch dildo, when the men are approaching their cum shots. That is what can be called "multi-tasking"...

Name: andra
Answer num: 9
26/01/16 06:19:03

Kristen, the Casting couch information that you have given, does not come up with any result, upon interrogation.

Can you please cite the volume number/ reference, with porn stars involved, then, I will be able to answer your question.

Best wishes,


Name: andra
Answer num: 10
06/02/16 05:18:21

Andra, the casting cuch series are in numeric order. But these are the URLs:

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
20/02/16 18:13:54

Thanks for getting back to me Kristen. I hope that you enjoy my comments regarding Casting Couch 180 and 186. Some of the action covers my answer number 2. There are plenty of your models that are highly-capable of performing such acts, and hopefully, you will consider filming more gymnastic activities. Aymeric really deserves an accolade for hanging on to that beam, for as long as he did, but he had every erotic  reason for staying up there !

Name: andra