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behind the scenes
27/04/16 03:31:04

I have seen you are posting bts of older movies like "crossroad of desire"!! I love this kind of material, and would be nice you keep posting old materials of that hot and unforgetable movies and hot models. And I think you have lots of this material.Please, keep posting that!! And I think it's time you do a documentary about that and wrigth about your set memories.. Thanks Kristen.

Name: james
Answer num: 1
28/04/16 14:38:02

There were three full length documentaries made in the year 2000 and 2001 about the making of Wet Dream 1&2, Crossroads of Desire, and Moscow. There were no more in-depth documentaries made of any other films of mine. I decided that it was time to release these documentaries scene by scene in the MAKIN IT area of the members area. The way we made films back then is quite different from how it's done now... But I hope members will find the documentaries interesting.

Name: Kristen