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Rimming versus felching
02/05/16 03:04:51

I will admit that rimming is highly-important; hence the KB established category, with so  much raunchiness  on offer..... Post- coitus felching does have its loyal  followers, however, and really is "The Icing on the Cake". In all probability,  many of the more adventurous  models do indulge in this" laudable" practice, but might not admit to it.... A compendium of felching scenes would be most welcome, however, in order to establish this exciting interlude, as an equally- important Homo Erotic "Category", amongst those that would find it  safe and acceptable.

Name: andra
Answer num: 1
08/05/16 06:55:33

This is the Wikipedia definition of felching: ¨Felching is a sexual practice involving the act of orally sucking semen out of the anus of one's partner¨. So technically, a man would have to cum inside his partner's ass before sucking the cum out. In film, that would deprive us of seeing the cum shot. As I'm sure members have noticed, our actors often pull out to cum on their partner's asshole, and then reinsert their cocks. Sometimes they rim their partners after cumming, and reinserting. But I'm not certain if this is considered real felching or not. I would welcome viewers opinions about this.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
08/05/16 16:27:34

Surely you could get over this problem with "A Retake". after the first cum shot. ? Felching is a highly-pleasurable  ongoing  process, if the actors wish to re insert after the camera close-ups  visually- taking  their post-coitus  rimming  pleasures. Later, in the heat of passion ,will have an even more  voracious appetite for cum. Surely second sessions from your studs  are not unheard of........

Name: andra
Answer num: 3
09/05/16 16:08:01

My question is this: is it necessary to cum inside the ass, and then have the cum sucked out in order to be true felching? While this practise in real life can be exciting, on video if we don't see a cum shot, it's a bit of a dissapointment.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 4
11/05/16 08:17:08

The only answer is, of course, that a connoisseur cum shot is vital to the video; but that doesn`t mean that it has to be the-- be --and-- end-- all portion of the video. It is exciting to see the results of one`s non-stop  hard work as a Top; so reinsertion should be thought to  essential, enabling  the cum to dribble down slowly and lingering, from the depths, for sampling-again  purposes ....  Like you, Kristen, I think that the term "Felching" needs to be re-defined, and let me say that  disappointments do not occur on a KB video !

Name: andra
Answer num: 5
19/05/16 19:31:15

I find it incredibly hot when the top cums inside the ass, dick is withdrawn, and the the cum oozes out. havent see that in a bjorn video yet.

Name: a fan
Answer num: 6
06/06/16 09:05:32

Take a look at Casting Couch #326 and #330, and you will see that. The trouble is that the top has to be a big shooter... otherwise, there may not be much oozing to see!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 7
22/07/16 14:41:02

Wow, as if "Hot Stuff: The Circus Guy" isn't wildly exciting enough, with these two amazing specimens of lust-powered muscle masculinity fucking each other back & forth bareback, the ending where Ivan Gregory blasts his load into Gabriel Lunna then drops down to eat his jizm back out his buddy's spasming asshole, scooping out his copious cum with his tongue and then hunkering up to feed Gabriel (stopping on the way to fill his mouth with the huge load that Gabe himself has just massively orgasm'd) so they can feast & cumkiss together, is mind-blowingly erotic. As long as so many KB actors are willing to both eat ass and fuck unrubber'd, more felching scenes in future productions please !

Name: tritonpsh
Answer num: 8
23/07/16 14:49:51

Btw here's a variation of felching that's extremely hot to watch two guys enjoy the culmination of sexual intercourse. The enrubber'd Top fucks himself into his powerBottom then upon achieving orgasm pulls out his still-spasming cock in its fuckbag of thick white load. He carefully unwraps the condom off his dick cupping it in his hand then moves up and drizzles all that jizm into his lover's eager hungry mouth. Passionately they cumkiss and feast on sperm together. Mind-blowingly arousing for the viewer !

Name: tritonpsh
Answer num: 9
27/11/16 21:08:32

I'm a little late to this conversation, but if I can add my two cents: I could care less about the "technical" definition of felching. I'll just say that cum play in general gets my cock hard and dripping precum. And if that play involves some sort of combination of jizz, asshole, and tongue, I'm going start beating off to it. I used to only be able to find that in more underground (but low quality) porn. I'm so happy (and hard) to see more and more of this sort thing in the high quality, beautifully photographed videos I find here. So thanks, and keep the raw cumplay coming!

Name: DocBearLA