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Men nipples
17/05/16 12:20:35

There are so many men with great nipples and I need to see them play with them more and cum .It is a hard on for me.

Name: formeyes
Answer num: 1
18/05/16 11:17:05

Some of our actors do have sensitive nipples, and they like to play with them. But, you say you want to see them doing nipple play while they cum? Just want to be sure I understand correctly. Would anyone else like to see more of that?

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
29/05/16 12:21:49

I have been blessed with big, sensitive perky-looking  nipples, and I enjoy them being squeezed very hard indeed, as this keeps me constantly on the brink of cumming ...

I have yet to see a porn star sporting nipple clamps, and alas, we seldom see cock rings.

Name: andra
Answer num: 3
19/06/16 14:18:57

I can identifiy some of your actors that do have sensitive nipples and like or need that be played with to get hard .It is that I like to see more so it makes hard and more

Name: formeyes
Answer num: 4
16/12/16 07:11:30

It was Tom of Finland, whose idealised  desirable men had very prominent nipples, exaggerated , but believable bubble butts, and were the proud owners of the ten inch plus penises, that were so worthy in  being written  home about; at the time that very  prominent bulges and tighter than  tight flared trousers were in fashion. In reality, Peter Berlin was this highly-exciting  realisation of Total Male Sexiness, in the very vibrant  early days of the filming of Porn. His photographs were simply eye-popping -amazing, and totally  unforgettable, even though he did not sport large nipples. I am , nevertheless, convinced  that large firm nipples, poking their way through a black lace vest worn with tight  leather trousers, can still raise a gay man`s temperatures.. Leather and Lace are just as important as cock rings and cock display suits , which in current catalogues , get sexier by the day.Team this up with nipple play, and you have A Winner

Name: andrew