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fuck train
05/06/16 09:06:23

hi Kristen. I haven't seen this yet, but a 4-5 person fuck train that everyone takes turn from the very first one one in line being fuck switch sides to being the very last, until everyone switches in line. I have seen only one triple dicked on Have you tried that yet? it's an awkward position, but might be something to try.

Name: a fan
Answer num: 1
06/06/16 08:58:00

Our other director Strongboli directed a scene with a 4 man fuck train in Wild Attraction 2. It's posted in Movie Scenes in the members área: However, they don't rotate, as you suggest. It's very difficult to shoot a train fuck with more than 3 men in any case, because the guy in the middle is really the one in control of the rythem. If they get out of sync, it falls apart.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
07/06/16 14:25:53

I did comment favourably about the 4 men Fuck Train in "Wild Attraction 2", so I would second "A Fan`s Request", for a five-plus man Fuck Train. Can I suggest first of all,that two couples who are used to going with each other would guarantee the rhythm from going out of zinc, be first on stage, ? May be a third Established Couple could join them, when everything is set up. Bulging balls can look so really hot ,when in controlled motion.... There really isn`t a need to rotate, but the speed has to be certainly kept up to gain maximum effect, and of  course, for  the pleasure of the Performers.... It is remarkable how quickly they all appeared to come in" Wild Attraction 2". A combined -Felching- Finale in a new production, might be "The Icing on The Cake", or should I say "Lips"  ! Say that you will consider this suggestion, do like to know what The Fans on The Forum do like !

Name: Andra