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From Behind...
16/06/16 08:21:01

Hello, You have some of the most beautiful men in your films but we seldom get to see them from behind. Why is that? For instance, I remember one particular scene in one of your videos where you showed a group of men heading into a house and we got to see all of their hot butts as they walked inside. I'd love to see more!

Name: RJ
Answer num: 1
18/06/16 11:57:06

Do you mean you want to see more asses in non sexual situations? Certainly, we do see their asses while they are being rimmed or fucked, right?

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
18/06/16 13:07:14

Hello Kristen, Thanks for your reply. Yes, exactly. In the standing position. For instance, seeing the active partner from behind while he's fucking someone (the angles are generally from the side...which are nice too), seeing guys from behind as they're walking toward their partner, or as they're walking to get in position in a group scene. Does that make sense?

Name: RJ
Answer num: 3
19/06/16 03:45:10

Yes, I get it. I just wanted to be sure I understood what you meant. I will keep your suggestion in mind!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 4
19/06/16 09:17:01

Thanks Kristen! By the way, the amazing pool scene in Tropical Adventure 2 (Scene 7) is a delight for the ass lover. That must have been so challenging to film but it really is a work of art! Best, RJ

Name: RJ
Answer num: 5
16/12/16 13:47:10

There is still much to be learned from the artist Tom of Finland, who was the Master of "The Mobile Bubble Butt. His "Kake comics" never cease to cause an immediate Boner, with their fantastic range of detailed sexual activity. In one way, they were the predecessor of Kristen Bjorn Productions.

Name: andrew
Answer num: 6
24/12/16 05:09:45

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Tom, and having dinner with him and a small group of people in Los Angeles back in 1990. Although I was told that Tom was usually quite shy, he was very friendly and talkative that evening. He certainly was a a master pioneer of homoerotica.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 7
24/12/16 08:02:54

Kristen, I had a strong  feeling that you might have met Tom of Finland, so I am very pleased to read your Forum Reply. He recognised a Kindred Spirit in you, hence his welcoming you  as a member of his kind of Intelligentsia. 

It is fair comment,  to state  that Tom explicitly  reinvented Homoerotica, in the Twentieth Century, so please  allow  me say, with all sincerity, that  you have also done in your turn; with all the accompanying Niceties,  in the Twenty First Century; so that Worthy  Men recruited  by you, can  continue to feel exciting !

Name: andrew