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older mature men in porn
19/06/16 06:41:36

Kristen, I, of course, love your men. Seeing a well muscled young man is great. Can you show a few mature men in some of your scenes?

Name: larry
Answer num: 1
20/06/16 04:44:53

We work with actors from their early 20's up to their early 40's. What age group are you referring to when you say mature?

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
22/07/16 21:38:55

"Mature & older"? I think you can figure it out. Truth is, our culture is ageist and so is gay porn. Yes I know most men go to pot after 50 but not all, and every so often when you do see a guy in his 50's or even 60's who is obviously still into bodybuilding, with that ineffable look of experience to go with his athletic physique, good looks, muscles & virility, it takes your breath away, and your imagination soars picturing how he fucks. KB does such an awesome job finding stunningly hot 28 yr-old sex machines, why not actively pursue finding individuals who fit this profile at 58 and then throw one in the mix once in a while. And not necessarily as a "Daddy" stereotype either but just another guy who still loves sex.

Name: tritonpsh
Answer num: 3
27/07/16 13:24:52

I'm not against the idea. In the USA I'm sure it's easier to find men in their 50's and 60's who have gym bodies. However, in Europe (where I live and work), body culture started about 25 years later than it did in the States. Here there are very few men in that age group who have ever worked out in a gym. But I will keep my eyes open, just in case!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 4
16/08/16 15:27:18

Hmm, do tell. When I spent a week skiing in Zermatt Switzerland a couple winters ago I noticed there seemed so many more grey-haired guys on the slopes than you'd see in like Aspen Colorado, where everyone looks 28. There used to be a German website with some of the most jaw-droppingly goodlooking & well-built 60 yr-old bodybuilders you'd ever laid eyes on, but for some reason the site has disappeared. Oh well.

Name: tritonpsh
Answer num: 5
26/12/16 13:53:57

You would be surprised to know how the younger men look to the older men, to give them a mind-blowing  awareness of their bodies` sensual capabilities. Tritonpsh was right to bring up this subject, and Kristen assures The Forum that he  is keeping his eyes open for a window of opportunity whereby older men can demonstrate their charismatic qualities, along with long-lasting virility .....

Name: Andrew