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Where Is Foreskins?
21/07/16 06:59:47

Ciao Kristen, I found that the movies you made with a great progress on both quality and editing in these recent years, one thing I need to say is that FORESKIN is still my favorite specialty on your works, you play with those beautiful male foreskins from time to time alright, but the eroticism of foreskin is reducing, some kind of feeling is fading... Well perhaps because of the BGM? I can't be sure... I hope you could focus more on this special point, I mean make it more attractive, make those gorgeous models show the fetish of foreskin playing, like so lost into the feeling of tongue between foreskins... Play with it longer then definitely make him moan and cum by non-stop retracting his foreskin like the old days, I'm sure some of us are missing this kind of feeling. ;) Best Regards and LOVE YOU.

Name: Philippe
Answer num: 1
21/07/16 12:17:43

Ciao Philippe, thanks for your imput. I'm afraid I don't know what BGM is... I usually do have foreskin play in my videos; particularly when models have long foreskins. As you may have noticed, half of the web series videos are directed by me, and the other half by Strongboli. Perhaps Strongboli doesn't have the models do as much foreskin play as I do; I will have to look into this.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
24/07/16 09:53:02

Well Kristen, about BGM I just simply mean the background music, I remember those music in old days, tender but so intense and provocative... I can't explain that feeling very precisely, it was just extremely erotic! And those moans... just soooooo hot! Just couldn't find that feeling very well in recent works, I don't know... Maybe I'm just too picky? But I still love you, like VERY MUCH! lol

Name: Philippe
Answer num: 3
26/07/16 14:34:50

Thank you Philippe. I'm not sure what music has to do with foreskins... But I got so many complaints from viewers about the background music, that I decided to minimize it. Personally, I think it enhances the eroticism, but the people who absolutely hate it became more and more vocal about it. I'm afraid that it's impossible to please everyone.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 4
28/07/16 10:54:33

Yes, what you said is just understandable, it's hard to define what music should be used but I have to say the ones who hated the music are just not so capable being an enjoyer of your eroticism, I think. Try some exotic music played by instruments such as saxphone, electronical...etc, it should be fit so well.

Name: Philippe
Answer num: 5
20/12/16 18:32:11

I agree with Philippe about the use of saxophone music, as it inspires some rhythmic thrusting.

Name: andrew
Answer num: 6
27/01/18 12:15:42

I agree, not enough foreskin play; biting, chewing, tonguing, etc. I would also like to have a longer view of the models in a flaccid state before becoming erect so I can look at that beautiful foreskin Perhaps it's part of the voyeur in me. BTW, I'm in love with Ridder Rivera.

Name: Mark