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23/07/16 01:17:28

Hi Kristen. I have been a huge fan for your movies and really love the men featured in your works. One comment from me is that we definitely miss the era when the models cummed one by one non-stop and a model had several cumshots in one show. Would appreciate if future scenes can have more of this. I will continue to support your works nonetheless!!

Name: Anonymous
Answer num: 1
26/07/16 14:25:28

In the good old days, we were able to shoot scenes over mutiple days, which is why we were able to shoot each scene in several different locations, and have the actors cum several times in each scene. Unfortunately with the near collapse of the porn industry, unbridled piracy, and demise of DVD sales, we now only have a fraction of the budget we used to have to do a shoot. Scenes are now shot in one day instead of four, which means that we can't do mutiple cum shots per scene. I miss the old days too! :(

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
07/08/16 13:37:05

Here here! Your longtime fans loved the two signatures of a Kristen Bjorn film: Guys who could achieve a cum-blasting orgasm from their throbbing stiff dicks "hands-free". And the jaw-dropping virility of men who would ejaculate a massive load, turn around and still be hugely-erect, then continue going at it for a 2nd and even 3rd time. Of course any man knows that fully "recharging" requires an overnight for his balls to be 100% cum-packed again. Yes the viewer knew the effect of multiple orgasms was produced to look like it all happened in one scene thanks to artful editing, but hell, why not. Who wants reality when the fantasy of fuck-obsessed studs blasting load after load is so red-hot !

Name: TritonPSH
Answer num: 3
27/12/16 18:13:56

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Name: andrew