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Arthur Gordon~
29/10/16 06:03:52

I have been a huge fan for Arthur Gordon. He got such a hot bod with that chocolate fat cock, not to mention those light blue eyes. I know the chance may be very slim but still want to ask if there is any possibility that he may re-appear in Kristen Bjorn (he seemed to have disappeared from porn industry all together)? Thank you.

Name: anonymous
Answer num: 1
29/10/16 07:27:25

I agree, he was very handsome, and a good performer! The last time I worked with Arthur was in 2008, when he was living in Spain. But after that, he did literally seem to disappear. I have no knowleage of his whereabouts. If he were to re-appear, and still looked good, I would certainly work with him again. But I have no idea if that will ever happen.

Name: Kristen