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Setting The Scene
24/12/16 07:03:57

Sometimes, intimate dialogues from Fuck buddies performing under pressure in videos, can tend to be rather limited. I happen to definitely  like "Dirty Talk", when it is sensually and sensibly-appropriate. 

In the absence of "The Spoken Word",(which is oft-times blurred), a special thanks has to be made, therefore, to Calvin Mullins, who writes the brilliant introductions to the videos. His novel approach  is ,without doubt, totally- throbbing-  porno-erotic writing at its very best; and thereby, continually, makes Kristen Bjorn`s website ,and emails therefrom ,particularly-creative, noteworthy, and excitingly- pheromone-hot........

 I think that , hitherto, the criticism of The Ambience Music Input to the K.B. Videos, was totally unkind and certainly grossly - unfair; amounting almost to total Ignorance of The Niceties, that Kristen aspires to ...

Calvin has certainly righted The Balance, which needed to happen ;  and I am now publicly thanking him for doing this throughout 2016. His well-chosen words make all the difference to The Public`s general perception of Male Porn Stars ; who really do give genuinely, of "Themselves", in what they willingly- do, to give All Round Satisfaction, and  those well-chosen adjectival words, as chosen carefully by him  ,regularly imply  how These Sex Gods "Tick Over".

In 2017, I wonder what he has got to say next ? It will be worth looking forward to !

 Despite budget restrictions, and  rampant competition, these days; the exciting  story lines ,and the glamorous locations ,are what Kristen is still  principally known for.

 Therefore, The Forum should remain companionable and  vibrant, as an essential  channel, whereby viewers can relish, in their own words, what is currently on offer 

Name: Andra
Answer num: 1
25/12/16 05:27:50

Thanks, Andra. I will be sure that Calvin sees your praise of his efforts. He has a very fertile imagination; especially when it come to sex. I don't think he will be at a loss for words in 2017, or anythime in the future!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
25/12/16 14:39:08

Kristen,thanks for promising to show my comments to Calvin. His highly- fertile imagination is a real asset to you and your Studio. Mind you, I don`t think that I , likewise,will be lost for the kind of words that he so clearly relishes. I did send him one of my sex stories, which I hope that he enjoyed. 

Calvin  can honestly be called "A Wordsmith" !He may care to have this word tattooed on his body ,on a secret  place of his choice...

Name: Andra