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Big Dicks
06/11/09 09:15:24

It seems that it is a requirement that your models have huge dicks, which model had the biggest dick and how big is it?  Which model had the thickest dick?  Do you prefer your models to be uncut?

Name: Alex
Answer num: 1
07/11/09 08:18:39

In porn, having a big dick is certainly an asset for an actor, but it's not a requirement. When selecting models, I look at the whole package: face, body, cock, and overall sexiness... I have had many popular models who weren't very hung, but they had other qualities going for them. In general, models with smaller cocks tend to work as bottoms. In most fucking positions, it's not easy to see the top's cock unless it's quite long.

Some of the most well hung models I have worked with are Caio Amaral, Foot-Long Sean, Joao Pauzao, Arpad Mikols, Sandor Vesayi, Juan Jimenez, David Vega, and Ricardo Safado.

Most of my models are uncut. This is mostly due to the fact that outside of the USA, Muslim countries, and Israel, circumcism is rare. Most of my models are from other parts of the world. Personally, I think an uncut cock is more attractive, and more fun to play with. But that's not an important factor to me when choosing models.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
19/05/12 02:15:32

why not get all Ur large thick cocks. Altogether. With a nice big ass men u know which ones perhaps Ur double penetrators! !!:):)

Name: poncho
Answer num: 3
31/05/16 11:43:37


Name: good