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24/12/16 09:33:22

I first realised the importance of Boys` Toys , when I first viewed The  KB website, and discovered the vital  importance of  careful and prolonged "Preparation Work", and the desired effects that these varied activities  can, and might have...It is good to successfully wreck a bed, and live dangerously.

I will  here admit, that I found it highly-exciting, that sometimes, readily at hand, there were numerous  novel items on offer to The Porn Stars, if they cared to use them. Who could resist such Preliminary Excitements ?  There are so many more "Variables",  on the market today, with Eager Takers, seeking The Ultimate Anal Experience, whether they be "Tops", or "Bottoms."

Boys Toys are, nevertheless, intended to promote  Private Versatility, and encourage that " Necessary  Trial" that results in temporarily  not walking in a straight line !. I wouldn`t be surprised if The K.B. "Tops" may secretly use them, to initially " get in the mood",....That said, it is totally their own business, and I am not proposing to ask any personal questions.

It is already - known that Armond  Rizzo regularly used them ,so that he could stretch himself, and be ready to  take on The Ten Inch Plus Brigade.  I admired his candour and honesty, as a nice person,when he admitted what he was prepared to do to thoroughly-please !

Likewise, I  clearly remember  how  The Highly-Hot , crop-headed  Polish  Christian Hertzog, popularised the use of the outsize Dildos and Butt Plugs. He acted in a stunning fashion ,with his eyes, in a very manly way, whether he was  desirous of being"Top", or "Bottom".

He will be chiefly-remembered ,excelling  as a highly accommodating " Bottom".

I have to say now, that not such a  totally-exciting, and always inspiring  charismatic  Porn Star Pioneer ,  quite like him, in my opinion, has been seen, before, or since...

Prior to seeing him in action, I had no idea about the existence of "The Male Rosebud", which might occasionally  appear after a particularly hard pounding, but its prominence was helped along by skilful Fisting adrenalin techniques, , which appeared to be yet another "shattering" Erotic Experience, which, again, Christian popularised, for The Enjoyment of So Many.....He is a Leading figure in Sex education !

I hope that he could film again with The Kristen Bjorn Studios in 2017. But, honestly,with all his "private work", he could not be blamed if he were to turn down an offer to return, in Triumph, to Kristen Bjorn, who had helped to make his name. Another welcome visitor would probably be Marco Rubi , whose time with KB, was Male Nirvana, for Many.

I must add, that, in my experience, Dildos and Butt Plugs can also remain as welcome "Overnight Guests", leaving a nicely stretched, moisturised hole for The Next Day Lover ,"to ever-so -slowly- release"... whereupon,  A Third Party can be immediately called in, via cell phone,, to participate in  a hard-pounding, leading to an almighty   Double Penetration.....That kind of adrenalin, coupled with intensely- exhilarating action , after all said and done, is really and truly  "Living Life to The Max" !!

This kind of scenario , might appeal to Christian, who as we all know, (and appreciate), is always " "ever-ready".....Perhaps Marco would then tag along too ! about time !!!!!

Name: andrew
Answer num: 1
25/12/16 06:01:50

It has been a long time since anyone has asked about Christian Herzog, and I'm sorry to tell you that Christian passed away over a year ago after a lengthy battle with cáncer. I'm never sure if it's good to report the death of porn actors, since they ought to be remembered for their legacy rather then their sad demise. Christian was a delight to know and to work with. He will be missed.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
25/12/16 14:26:47

Thanks for informing me about Christian`s cancer and subsequent demise . You did right to announce this sad news, for the benefit of his Fans, of whom there will, no doubt, be many, even still . I rather gathered that he was a delight to know and work with. He will be missed, but his legendary performances will live on, as well as the tribute to him, that you have  so respectfully-made.

Name: andrew