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Aitor Crash
27/12/16 03:24:09

I particularly enjoyed the video featuring Aitor and Jake. It is certainly  titillating to sometimes wear a leather harness and cock ring underneath daily clothing, and even more so, to have access to a leather sling, where many of the positions in the Male Kama Sutra can be attempted. It would be good, if more videos like this could be filmed, as they probably are low budget. Hopefully, it would be possible  to see Aitor again ,with his tastily-positioned  tattoo stars. He is one hot bald man; and, no doubt ,as he is about to cum, he really  is seeing "Stars"....

Name: andrew
Answer num: 1
27/12/16 16:05:11

I'm glad you liked it Andrew. Aitor Crash retired from porn a few years ago, but he did shoot quite a few Casting Couch videos for us which can still be enjoyed.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
28/12/16 05:05:38

Thanks for this information, Kristen, and as usual, a prompt reply.

It seems that I appreciate the actors that have either retired, or died !

However, not to be deterred, I am currently  investigating The Casting Couch Videos that Aitor Crash has made. He left quite a legacy, prior to his retirement !

Aitor  really can be considered as a "Man of Style" , and I hope that he will  somehow be told about my complimenting him. In "The Old Days", You certainly  knew how to recruit them, and you still have that unusual knack of discovering the very best actors ; but, there  will always be  more, hopefully, from where this man came from, to follow his good example...

Name: andrew
Answer num: 3
30/12/16 05:21:51

Not many of my actors have died; but it's not unusual for them to retire from porn. How long that takes usually depends on how many videos they have made. Most of them grow tired of shooting porn after 10 - 20 scenes, when the inicial excitement wears off. They might shoot the scenes over a couple of years, or even over a few months in some cases... But the result is the same. And the other side of the coin is that the public grows tired of seeing the same actors when they shoot too many videos in too short a time. There is also the boyfriend factor; many are forced into retirement by possesive new partners. There actually is an unreleased casting couch video which is the debut of Donato Reyes which he shot with Aitor Crash several years ago. If there is still enthusiasm about Aitor Crash, perhaps we should reléase it. It was shot before we went condomless, though.

Name: Kristen