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In praise of older actors
30/12/16 04:09:37

The recent video with Julio Rey and Santi Nogeira clearly demonstrates Santi`s  ability to field the attentions of a younger man, who is renowned for his regular  work outs in the gym, that  result in some highly robust action in the bedroom. Julio has a light-hearted attitude to sex, which he clearly-enjoys,and must have been amused to see Santi`s "Sex " Tattoo egging him on, to achieve great things.

Santi, when exhilarated, is a superb Moaner Groaner ,and this is most astonishingly-erotic .... I like his style !

Hopefully there will be further filming with Sensuous Santi . How about  a pairing with Viktor Rom ?

Now, that would be enough to strip the bark off a granite monument !          

Name: andrew
Answer num: 1
31/12/16 03:00:26

Well, that is a possible combination for a future scene. Aside from being a sex machine, Santi is also a practicing physician who lives quite far from where we shoot. It's not always easy for him to get free time to shoot a scene.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
01/01/17 14:13:10

Thanks for this information, Kristen. Santi , being a practicing physician, enables him to fully-understand the workings of the Human Body, implicitly. I thought that there was something special and professional, about this amazing Man, and his performing knowledge must be indeed, a valuable input.....

When it comes to arranging The Shooting Scene, perhaps "The Mountain could go to Mahomet " in the case of Santi, as Sex Machines have to kept  "oiled", and,in Running Order......Don`t say he will have to make do, with "A Butt Machine"....

I am pleased to hear that there could be an encounter with Viktor Rom in a future scene.

Now ,if this was to come to pass, Calvin Mullins could eagerly  write something scorching- hot, and very sexually-graphic, as a preamble. Let us allow the Imagination to boggle....

All these requests  really do make sense; and, clearly, The Forum will continue to be "A Think Tank", throughout 2017.

With you at The Helm, Kristen, I know so !

Name: andrew
Answer num: 3
02/01/17 12:02:09

Well as they say; filthy minds think alike!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 4
02/01/17 14:24:32

Quite so, Kristen. Well-said !

Name: andrew
Answer num: 5
03/01/17 13:52:04

Kristen, you have inspired an orgy of words, so  I hope that you enjoy my poem, which is intended as a bit of Forum Fun...

Name: andrew