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A poetry approach to The Forum : A Fun Time.
03/01/17 05:13:22

"Mirror , mirror, on the wall, who is the filthiest-minded of them all ? Here follows a masquerade of mystery and mischief, peer through your leather mask, in disbelief. ...A satirical  sex scenario  beyond compare, is  just for The Twinks that still read the comic "Rupert Bare"..What is the opposite meaning to Filth, surely it involves A Sylph ?

When The Sylph happens to be a man, purity goes san faery ann..opposites attract ; no need to retract. Now, to The Sylph, you can speak Filth. Say "Fuck :- pull back a foreskin, and try your luck" You will have to go Balls-Deep, to make those flashing eyes ,to weep. The shuddering climax can be Hills` steep...Afterwards, watch the sizzling videos of Kristen Bjorn,where The Sylph`s Arsehole can be reborn. Many have visited that Casting Couch, and learned the right way to say "Ouch"...Filth has so many associated erotic ideas. fond memories of  BDSM Leather, fisting and tongue  rimming, down through The Years,.. Pre-cum and Deep throat; there are many things for which we can vote.. along with the saliva - sucking of" Bulging Balls", which have never been included in "The-Not-at- Alls." so welcome to the Double Penetration; so much sperm sliding out ,is a camera sensation ! Just as an Afterthought, participate in some Water Sport. The Filth and The Sylph, united be; this poem happens to be Condom Free. Both have been pre-tested by KB, for HIV..... 

Name: andrew
Answer num: 1
05/01/17 06:03:30

Ha ha, very cute! This is the first time I've read about a poem about porn!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
06/01/17 05:07:53

Does this mean that you are A Poetry Virgin, Kristen ?

Name: Andrew
Answer num: 3
10/01/17 13:43:29

"P.E.P"( Porno-Erotic Poetry).

Kristen, I am now  explaining a bit more about the crying-out  need to write poetry  about the subject of Porn, which quite naturally ,commands  a lurid Rhyme Scheme. Every word that I can contribute to "The P.E.P.  Experience", has to be weighed out carefully. just like your models enjoy occasionally- weighing each others` "bulging balls", as part of their "Preliminary Care"....I would feel sorry, therefore, if any Man, or even a Twink , didn`t get "A Stirring  Natural Reaction", to what I write as "A  Poetry Word Picture"  of Performing Sex.....!! 2017, is the year for getting "P.E.P .ped"  up !

Name: Andrew