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Men in Thongs
04/01/17 07:24:23

Any plans to shoot a scene with guys in skimpy thongs? I love a guy in a thong or G-string!

Name: Jalil Lover
Answer num: 1
04/01/17 11:54:52

What a good idea...

Name: andrew
Answer num: 2
04/01/17 19:45:14

I think so. Nothing better than a guy in a thong with his member throbbing through the fabric. Like in that scene between Jalil and Aymeric, where Jalil's huge member throbs up and down under his briefs while he watches Aymeric in the shower. Replace those white briefs with a thong and...HOT!

Name: Jalil Lover
Answer num: 3
05/01/17 06:12:10

I haven't thought about it before. Aside from throbbing, what could the guys do while they have their thongs on? Or would this just be an opening for a scene?

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 4
05/01/17 07:39:53

It could be an opening, where they rub each other's hard members through the fabric. Or it could also be something longer, where the thongs stay on for some rimming foreplay. The ass band gets pulled back or off to the side while the rear is pleasured, then gets released or snapped back for some light fun. A bit of hair on the ass (Xavi?) and a thong makes me wild.

Name: Jalil Lover
Answer num: 5
10/01/17 11:06:00

Xavi Garcia has more than ¨a bit of hair¨ on his ass! During one shoot, his costars nicknamed his ass ¨the black forest¨!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 6
10/01/17 13:05:24

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Name: andrew