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A Giant`s" Morning Glory"
10/01/17 04:23:10

Author`s Note;-Kristen is already known for his famous Hungarian  " Vampire", ie "The Vampire of Budapest";but is there" A Giant", that he has already recruited? Will he step forward ? He probably will have all the qualities that my porno-erotic  poem outlines . He will be another Kristen Bjorn Phenomenon !


There is nothing better than a Giant, with "A Morning Glory". and this is only just the beginning of my story. He is telling me, in his deep-echoing voice, that he feels "so horny".So, what exactly does he have in mind? in this bed-wrecking mood he does not sound exactly -kind...

There is nothing better than a Giant with "A Morning Glory" , wanting to play with my ever-eager Bubble Butt, with a huge hand encircling my prostrate gland, and continually calling me "A Slut" !..Titillating me  initially, by inserting a vibrating Butt Plug; not forgetting to masturbate my bursting penis , and giving it one almighty tug.....

There is nothing better than a Giant, playing with various Dildos, one, two, three,; using them alternatively; for my Second Sphincter  Muscle, in regular training, needs to be. It can then allow for his Gymnastic alacrity, when he comes to widen my Welcoming Extremity ! "No mercy", he says, will he consider showing me.. All he says is, "Let us continue to Party ! "

There is nothing better than a Giant, with "A Morning Glory", telling me that  it is now "Rimming-Ramming Time" for my Rounded  Bubble Butt, and I would not even  dare to say "Tut-Tut". No vulgar commentary comes about, just yet, but the fact is, that he means Business, Oh Yes !, You bet !!..Ouch ! He rides me relentlessly, all through the morning, and ever pressing-onward,without a break, to the end of the day, with glee; liking to continually- rim my spunk-sodden hole, my aroused Rosebud, for to see. "Keep fucking my hole", is all that I breathlessly can say. So in the name of "The Kama Sutra", we went all the way...

There is nothing better than a Giant, with "A Morning Glory", whose massive penis is in "Aftershock". He is definitely still inside you, alongside your "G spot", where he continually likes" to interlock". Gallons of thick white  semen, have spouted everywhere; and this Nectar, your exhausted tongue still wants to share.

There is nothing better than a Giant, who has dragged you into His Lair; his sexual capabilities, really, are beyond compare. He is brimming over with Virile Male Testosterone, little wonder that you want a whiff of his feral pheromone, after he has paid attention to  your every erogenous Zone.....

There is nothing better than a Giant with "A Morning glory", remembering all the lusty Lovers that he has known; with sloshing anal pleasures, he always made them want" to moan".... He huskily announces that he needs "to pound me again and again"... Who, in their right mind would want to forgo all of this Exquisite Pain ?

There is nothing better than a Giant, with "A Morning Glory", who flamboyantly flips back an endless- seeming Foreskin, as he tears off the saucy nothings, that he so likes to see you in. He thinks that "Deep Throat", and continuous Gagging, is not "A Sin"; whilst constantly working up my gleaming muscular sweat. Are we in for yet another frenzied-thorough fuck , and are we "Both Set" ? Can we cum again and again ? Oh Yes ! You bet !

There is nothing better than a Giant , with "A Morning Glory", observing my" Mangina" that is now crimson-red. He is all for summoning another "Stud" to our already- creaking bed.With A Double Penetration, will they send me out of my head ? For if this additional cock is as big as his, will I find myself in never-ending Bliss ?Afterwards, he has promised to call up all his former Lovers , for a brisk" Gang Bang"; for which he will be throwing aside the black silk covers...... Of course, this is a story of Fantasy, but something like this could occur ,with The Models of KB. ...It will be ably -orchestrated by Kristen and Carlos Caballero ;- They will have, in their time, met some "Giants", so they will be Both "in The know" !!

Name: andrew
Answer num: 1
13/01/17 11:52:02

Thanks, Andrew. I wish more members whould share in the forum.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
15/01/17 11:37:02

Thanks for your note of  sincere appreciation, Kristen. Like you, I really hope that more members will air more pithy  opinions on The Forum. Comments concerning ever vibrant  modus operandi, and chosen topics for your  Pornographic Filming Art, are really important catalysts; and I would have thought that my "Morning Glory Theme" would have "fired up" a few more imaginations for The Forum`s sake. Are Men less hot-blooded as they used to be ? For my part, I definitely wish to remain on the hot side ,in highly-imaginative  action, and lively comment !!

After all said and done, as you surely, and wholeheartedly-agree, Kristen; "The Pen" that composes Porno-Erotic Poetry,should be allowed to be as "mighty" as "The Punishingly-Rampant  Penis"...Watch This Space !!

Name: andrew