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Ripped Shirt
15/01/17 08:37:20

Another image that I'd love to see in these films is two guys in dress shirts, preferably white, ripping them off each other passionately. It's so hot when the buttons go flying and chests are revealed. Also hot is when the shirts are still on and the guys start to sweat through the fabric. I love the "office" scene, but with these two added elements it's 100 times more sexy!

Name: Jalil Lover
Answer num: 1
16/01/17 06:58:55

I agree that the ripping of clothing can be sexy. We have done tearing and slicing of clothes before... Since it doesn't always work as expected, it's important to have several backups on hand. I'm guessing that what you're suggesting is that the dress shirts be ripped open just at the front, right? Tearing anywear else might be difficult because of the kind of fabric dress shirts are made of.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
16/01/17 13:24:25

Ripping tight tee shirts, can set the adrenalin flowing, particularly when it unexpected, and a welcome show of Lust....

Name: andrew
Answer num: 3
17/01/17 20:01:43

Kristen, yes...dress shirts ripped at the opening where the buttons are. That is very sexy indeed.

Name: Jalil Lover