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"Phil Andros" (Samuel Steward) Author
16/01/17 06:55:58

To anyone who cares to fully-investigate The Homosexual Psyche, there is, in my limited knowledge, no better author than Samuel Steward, who wrote under The Pen Name of "Phil Andros".

Amazingly, no Film Maker has yet taken up his excitingly-indecent anecdotes concerning the amazing abilities of this now-legendary Greek Hustler, which take the all-necessary descriptions of Male Eroticism, to the very limits of blissful Love Making, that seem to always achieve the ultimate climax, in every way imaginable, along the way, with very very hot Story Lines.

It is therefore my intention to thoroughly recommend this amazing author to Readers of The Forum. Perhaps, at this juncture, Kristen can step in and recommend further Book Club Reading of this nature, for further discussion in due course ?

Porn Stars, as People, can be totally-fascinating, as The K.B. Interviews were The Earliest to point out, what exactly marks them out as Individuals, irrespective of the fact that they profess to "Straight", Bi-Sexual", or exclusively, "Gay".

Latterly, Websites such as Lucas Kazam and Lucas Entertainment sometimes give an Introductory Insight into the Industry`s Participants, thereby preventing some of the overwhelming number of Productions from becoming "Total Pot Boilers" ,(i.e."The Same kind of Thing, Ad Nauseam") .

I would expect that attractive "Fresh Meat", must always, by Necessity, contribute vibrant Visual Sensations of a very high standard, for nothing, ever-ever, in the highly-competitive World of Pornographic Endeavour, is a foregone conclusion of Permanent Success. Truly, it requires discipline, dedication, and a ruthless hard work Ethic ,whilst conveying seemingly pure and utter Cock Fun Pleasure Experiences, under the ever-watchful eye of The whirring Camera.

As a contributor to The all-important Forum, I ask Readers to fully-realise all of these vitally-important Factors.

Now, please, come and  contribute  some new relevant comments, or , alternatively, create new subjects, like I have recently done. "The more, the Merrier" ...! Let there be  no more "Negative Waves", towards The Blithe Spirit of  Positively - Male Porn.... 

Name: andrew
Answer num: 1
17/01/17 14:05:19

I'm afraid that I haven't read much of Phil Andro's work. And I'm not the best person to recommend erotic literature. Perhaps Andrew can make some suggestions to our members.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
18/01/17 10:28:49

Thanks, Kristen,

Phil Andros is well-worth investigating for reasons of highly- erotic subject matter ,that could be well- expressed in videos. I can understand your professional reasons for remaining impartial, when it comes to recommending literature. This, I can fully-appreciate.

Are there any other "Book Worms" out there ?

Name: andrew