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17/01/17 11:04:18

I personally do not like tattoes, others probably wel. I would like more clean models, no tattoe and natural hair

Name: bigbang22
Answer num: 1
17/01/17 14:15:18

Yes, I know. Last year we sent out a questionnaire to 3,000 KB followers and members, and tattoos were the number one thing that people wanted to see less of. I am trying to select more models with less or no tattoos. It's not so easy them, because tattos are very trendy now, particularly amongst muscular guys. And the tattoos are getting bigger and bigger! As for natural hair, I'm not sure if you mean on the head or on the body. But I think that in both cases, the classic look is always best, because it is timeless, and never looks old... At least not overnight.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
17/01/17 20:04:04

I agree with bigbang22. Natural hair can be very sexy, as evidenced by models like Xavi Garcia and Jalil Jafar. I love Jalil best when there's enough chest hair to grab onto... ;)

Name: Jalil Lover
Answer num: 3
19/01/17 06:17:46

Jalil Lover, I think it has already been well established that you like hairy men :) However, not all men are natually hairy; it's genetic. Czech men, for example, rarely have much body hair.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 4
20/01/17 06:25:57

That is true. I suppose what I'm saying is that even with men who aren't very hairy, there's something sexy about what they do have being natural vs. shaved. :)

Name: Jalil Lover