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Location Shooting in Australia
21/01/17 03:08:27

Will we ever have the honor of your fine productions shooting in the Tropical North of Australia? Please do!

Name: Brad
Answer num: 1
21/01/17 10:40:46

As you may know, I lived in Sydney for 2 years, during which time I shot 3 films; A SAILOR IN SYDNEY, JACKAROOS, and MANLY BEACH. I believe that they were the first gay films ever shot in Australia. It was quite difficult to find actors in Sydney at that time. But the ones I did find were confident that those films would never be seen in Australia, since I didn't allow any Australian distributors to have it. And at the time, we were still only making VHS tapes in NTSC, which weren't playable in Australia, which uses the PAL television system. Unfortunately I underestimated the the power of piracy, which was even before the internet! Tapes were brought into the country, transcoded into PAL, and people were copying them left and right. Many of the actors got very upset, and refused to make more films. And I decided to leave Australia because it became too difficult to shoot there. Maybe things have changed 25 years later, but generally it's hard to recruit actors in countries with small populations like Australia. And the remote location would make would make the importation of actors prohibitively expensive for our now meger budgets. Sorry mate, I wish I could!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
21/01/17 10:52:44

After writing this, I felt a little silly as I could see there was production done in Australia after all! I may be able to assist, believe it or not. How can I contact you?

Name: Brad
Answer num: 3
21/01/17 13:41:32

My email address is

Name: Kristen