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Sergio and Ridder
21/02/17 03:28:44

I wonder if viewers have thought about Porn stars having all their pubic hair removed prior to filming, and what an adrenalin surge this must be, as clearly was , immediately ,the case with Sergyo and Ridder. I am surprised that they didn`t turn around and double penetrate the Barber, in recognition of his "Favours".. Their Close Up Genitalia Photos really look memorable, and highly-erotic ; and this  leads one to definitely decide  that Pubic Hair is totally unnecessary.... Hopefully, more models will line up for "The Chop". They will not regret that  Feel Good Factor of being able to totally show off one`s assets, when going "Balls Deep"  !

Is there already  any video footage showing "Manscaping Preparations" ?

Name: andrew
Answer num: 1
23/02/17 02:59:16

In the behind the scenes videos entitled Groming Confessions, there are a lot of ¨manscaping¨ footage. However, we only trimmed actors, we didn't shave them (except for their balls). The actors who shave their pubic hair do so on their own accord. Over 10 years ago, viewers complained frequently about actors who shaved their body hair (which was a trend of the time), much the way they now complain about tattoos now. I encourage actors to take a classic approach to grooming, hair styling, etc. so that they have a more timeless look. But I don't have any control over their private lives and tastes.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
24/02/17 02:44:11

The control that you do choose to take, never fails to disappoint, Kristen. I was just curious about the more  exciting aspects of "Manscaping", and felt that I could ask this very direct question. I did not think that the matter would be "Risqué" ! You are right to stipulate that there is always "Freedom of choice"...

After all said and done, The Forum is available for man- various sensitive subjects to be aired. I must now  think of some other question to ask, that will promote Readership....

Name: andrew