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Furniture for Fucking.
21/02/17 07:08:44

Having avidly watched Sergio and Ridder perform so very well on a Regency Designed sofa

emphasizes the importance of utilising chairs or specially designed seats to the maximum advantage. I wonder if any furniture has been patented for this purpose ? Slings and swings

can be usefully versatile , of course !

Name: andrew
Answer num: 1
21/02/17 07:16:50

I actually have seen furniture designed for sex in sex hotels in Brazil. But I have never seen it elsewhere... But I'm sure it can be found on the internet. We tend to make due with the furniture that is available at the locations we shoot at. Sometimes, it can be a challenge!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
24/02/17 02:33:58

Thanks for the information, Kristen. That hotel in Brazil, must have been fun ! You always make the scenarios look suave, hence my comment about the regency sofa, and the way that your actors chose to use it !

Name: andrew
Answer num: 3
24/02/17 09:05:20

In Brazil, they are actually called motels. They have priate garages to keep the cars from view. The rooms rent by the hour, and are made for sexual encounters. They range from simple to luxurious.

Name: Kristen